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On holiday in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques? Consider visiting Navarrenx. This French commune is a jewel of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. So, what are the must-see places to discover in this commune? What activities can you do there?

If you want to stay in Navarrenx, don’t hesitate to book at the 3-star Beau Rivage campsite in the Béarn region. In a peaceful green setting, you will enjoy a pleasant stay. It has recently been designated as one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France.

What to see in Navarrenx?

Explore the walled city and follow the traces of its military past. Admire the ramparts that were built in the 16th century. It took a decade to complete the construction of this huge project, commissioned by Henry II of Albret. Take a photo at the Porte Saint-Antoine and don’t miss the Poudrière. Also, enter the arsenal which dates from the 17th century. This former two-storey military building was used to store ammunition in times of war. It could hold more than 30,000 cannonballs. In the Church of Saint-Germain, you will discover the Gothic architecture and its atypical decoration.

Also, consider including the Navarrenx Military Fountain in your visit. It had a very important role during military conflicts. Indeed, during sieges, it provided water to the town’s troops. Not far away, you can discover the Church of Saint-Blaise, the former abbey of Sauvelade in Lucq-de Béan. Nearby, the Gurs Internment Camp Memorial is a grim reminder of the horrors of the Second World War. This building, where more than 60,000 prisoners were held, is a place of contemplation and meditation.

Navarrenx is also a very special human and universal heritage. It is distinguished by a very present spiritual atmosphere. In fact, it is the unavoidable destination of pilgrims who walk the Camino de Santiago.

What to do in Navarrenx?

Wine lovers will be tempted by a visit to the D’audaux estate. If you want to get to know the people of Navarre, consider visiting the Bastide market. Connoisseurs will appreciate an original visit to the Cigar House. This establishment has, moreover, the title of Living Heritage Company. In the Place d’Armes and Place Darralde, the various stalls welcome visitors every Wednesday morning in low season, but also on Sundays in high season. This will be a great opportunity to buy locally produced products.

If you like fishing, Navarrenx is a place you will definitely enjoy. It is worth mentioning that the first world championship in salmon fishing was held in Navarrenx half a century ago. Sit quietly by the river and fish while enjoying the captivating scenery. However, beware of the preservation zones where it is forbidden to stand. The more active will enjoy discovering Navarrenx by venturing out on solo or group hikes in the Pyrenees. Ride a mountain bike along the banks of the Gave d’Oloron or simply opt for a pleasant picnic for two. You can also go rafting or canoeing in the turquoise waters of the Gave for an exciting adventure.