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The castle of riddles in Laàs

The Pyrenees are one of the regions where you won’t be bored on holiday. Between the activities at the Beau Rivage campsite, the hikes, the visit to the caves and the Artouste little train, you’ll be busy! However, we strongly encourage you to find time to visit the Château des Énigmes de Laàs! You will enjoy discovering the Serbat museum and the 12-hectare landscaped park, but above all you will love playing the hero in a superb treasure hunt.

The castle, its museum and its gardens labelled

The castle is primarily a museum. It occupies a large part of this magnificent residence which dates from 1270. Napoleon spent the night after the battle of Waterloo here. You will find the bed where he slept in one of the rooms!

The sumptuous bourgeois house immerses you in a harmonious and elegant world. You will find master paintings, such as those by Rubens or Fragonard, and royal tapestries. Promoting the French art of living, the site values certain pieces of collections of the art of the table. You will be able to see magnificent Baccarat silverware, porcelain and crystal.

In addition to the museum, there are the beautiful labelled gardens which are divided into French, Italian and exotic types. The park also has a vegetable garden and an orchard. These are maintained according to the principles of organic farming. The purpose of these gardens is to protect and conserve certain old or endangered varieties.

The unusual adventures of the castle of enigmas (escape game, cabins…)

In addition to the museum, the Castle of Riddles, as its name suggests, is an attraction in the form of puzzles. Indeed, the park and some of its outbuildings have been entirely decorated by the famous designer Nicholas Tabary. He has worked with film designers to set up the challenges in an immersive atmosphere for visitors. The youngest visitors can try out a treasure hunt inspired by the world of the “Three Musketeers“.

In addition, there are two areas dedicated to escape games for families looking for adventure. Children under 8 years of age will not be accepted. The rooms are named after famous films. You will find “The Poudlaàs School of Witchcraft” and “The Gentlemen Burglars“. In the first room, you will have to do your best to be admitted to the prestigious institution. In the second room, the “thieves” are looking for a diamond.

Finally, tree houses can welcome you as a couple or as a family, for an overnight stay in an atypical setting.

Practical information

All these great attractions are 14 minutes away from your Beau Rivage campsite. They are accessible every day from 10am to 6pm. During July and August, the castle of riddles closes at 7pm.

Admission costs €15 for an adult and €12 for a child (4 to 12 years old). For additional access to the Serbat museum, you will have to add 3 €. But if you only want to see the latter, you should expect to pay €10. Please note that outside the holidays, it is only open on Wednesdays and weekends.

For escape games, prices vary according to the number of players. The price goes from 36 € per adult, if you are only two, to 20 € if you are a group of 5 people. Children over 8 years old can accompany you for €6.