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Campsite by the river ideal for fishing in Béarn – Pyrenees

Picnic and refreshment in the river by the campsite

The campsite in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques is situated on the banks of the magnificent Gave d’Oloron river. It’s the ideal setting for a family picnic, sunbathing, walking barefoot along the water’s edge, making ricochets and watching the canoes go by. After an afternoon by the lake, take a final dip in the campsite’s naturally heated pool.

Are you looking for quiet and secluded spots? We can show you some nice pebble beaches between Salies and Navarrenx. For example, in Sauveterre: with an ice cream in your hand and your feet in the water, go and discover the beach-guinguette on the water’s edge “AU FIL DE L’EAU”.

Ideal campsite for fishing in the 64

Navarrenx is the world capital of salmon fishing. This village is a must for salmon fishing in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques.

Built in the 13th century, the mill dam was the first in France to be equipped with a fish pass allowing salmon to swim up this obstacle in the Gave d’Oloron.

Since the 1960s, the Masseys Pool, next to the campsite, has been a mecca for fishermen, attracting many enthusiasts.

In 2011, a device for viewing and counting migratory fish was installed. This device is a valuable aid for the Federation of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques to protect this aquatic environment.

It conveys values such as patience, perseverance and commitment. Fishing is a source of adrenaline, but also a unique immersion in nature.

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label hebergement peche

The Beau Rivage campsite in Navarrenx in the Béarn Pyrenees is located near a place of interest for fishing, the Masseys Pool, and offers services and facilities adapted for your passion.

The label guarantees you:

  • A personalized welcome with services adapted to the practice of your sport.
  • Access to documentation and fishing equipment.

At your disposal: sinks, refrigerators and adapted accommodation. 

You also benefit from a long-stay offer of 5% from the 8th day and 10% from the 15th day.

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Baltar guide peche camping navarrenx
Bergues guide peche camping navarrenx
Dolet guide peche camping navarrenx



+335 59 66 04 39 / +336 47 71 70 37

Teaching modern fishing techniques for 1st category for 20 years.

Fishing spots: Gave d’Oloron and Saison.

Fish: Fly fishing for trout, introduction to salmon and shad fishing. Fluent in English.



+336 84 60 93 15

Specialist in migratory fish fishing.

Fishing spots: Gave d’Oloron and Saison.

Fish: Saumon and Alose

Improvement of modern two-handed throwing techniques.

Grégory Dolet

20 Chemin de la plane 64300 Loubieng

+336 79 01 42 12

Specialities and techniques: tracking large fish and sight fishing.

Fishing spot: the Gaves basin, with a preference for large and medium-sized rivers.

Particular signs: hydrobiologist technician, passionate about sight fishing, member of the Marryat guides team.

Languages spoken: French, English.

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Barrand guide peche camping navarrenx
Armand guide peche camping navarrenx


64400 AREN

+336 13 37 40 62

Fishing spots: Gave d’Oloron, Aspe, Saison.

Fish: Brown trout.

Nymph fishing course for beginners and advanced anglers with different techniques.

Internship in France and abroad.

Specialised in the sale of guideline, Hardy, Loop, Sage fly tyres.

Shop website:

Shop location: 12 rue Carrère 64400 AREN


64400 AREN

+336 13 37 40 62

Fishing spots: Gave d’oloron, Aspe, Saison.

Fish: Brown trout.

Nymph fishing course for beginners and advanced anglers with different techniques.

Internship in France and abroad.

Specialised in the sale of guideline, Hardy, Loop, Sage fly tyres.

Site de la boutique :

Shop location : 12 rue Carrère 64400 AREN



+336 84 24 67 44

Trout fishing course on the Gaves and fishing trip in Spain.

Advanced level with more than 20 years of experience.

Fishing method of your choice.

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Fishing in the vicinity of Navarrenx

Fishing method: single hook without barb or crushed barb, careful release of fish, natural bait not allowed.

  • Joint course Navarrenx and Susmiou (below the campsite)

Category 1, 1 stick, public domain

Poissons : la truite de mer, la truite fario, le goujon, le saumon d’Atlantique, Le vairon.

The route starts downstream of the Bérenx stream to the natural sill at the head of the Charront pool.

  • Viellenave – Navarrenx route on the Gave d’Oloron (6 min from Navarrenx) :

Category 1, 1 cane, public domain

Poissons : la grande alose, la truite arc-en-ciel, la truite de mer, la truite fario, l’anguille, le saumon atlantique.

  • The 500-metre-long course starts at the end of the Yankee pool and ends 100 metres upstream of the Viellenave-Navarrenx bridge.

Accès : Depuis Viellenave-Navarrenx joindre la D665 et stationner à proximité du pont Viellenave-Navarrenx.

  • Course labelled Pêche 64 & youth course (-12 years, -10 years with parents)

Laa course in Sauvelade (15 min from Navarrenx):

Category 1, 1 cane, private domain.

Poissons : la truite fario, la truite arc-en-ciel, la truite fario, le goujon.

  • The 500 m long course, located on the outskirts of Sauvelade Abbey, is reserved for young people.

Parking facilities.

Catering available in the abbey’s gîte d’étape.

Path along the stream on the left bank.

  • Green Route in Saint-Pée d’Oloron (25 min from Navarrenx):

Category 1, 1 cane, private domain.

Fish : Minnow, Brown trout, Gudgeon, Chub, Barbel.

  • The course, 700 m long, is located on the lower part of the Vert basin, 4 km from its junction with the Gave d’Oloron.

Parking area and various accesses to the river.

  • Night carp course

Gave de Pau route from Orthez to Lahonta (24 min from Navarrenx):

Category 2, 4 rods, public domain.

Poissons : la carpe, la perche commune, le barbeau, le black bass, le brochet, le chevesne, le rotengle, le sandre.

Course of approximately 20 kilometres from Orthez upstream to Lahonta downstream.

All fishing routes in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques

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Species and types of fishing in Bearn

The Gave d’Oloron flows along the campsite and is home to an exceptional treasure trove of fish, with a majority of migratory fish such as Atlantic salmon, sea trout, lamprey and shad. Many techniques and methods of fishing exist in fresh water:

  • Lure fishing: This is a widespread practice practised in Europe by anglers. A lure is a bait that looks like a fish. There are 3 categories: soft, hard and metal lures. This diversity of lures allows you to adapt to different fishing environments.
  • Fly fishing: consists of catching a fish with a lure, called a “fishing fly” representing an insect or a larva. There are 3 types of fly fishing: nymph fishing, drowned fishing and dry fishing.
  • Fishing with toc: this technique requires natural baits collected on the fishing grounds according to the seasons. Examples: earthworms, moths, leeches, grasshoppers…

According to the Fédération pêche 64 in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, it is prohibited:

  • Establish devices, perform manoeuvres, beat the surface of the water in order to gather fish.
  • To fish by hand or under the ice by disturbing the water or digging under the roots.
  • Fishing with gear and nets in flooded areas.
  • Use trolling lines.

Consult the regulations in force on fishing in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques.

Flood information service for the main rivers in France.

Opinions from the river bank!
avis camping beau rivage
A very pretty campsite. Green and wooded. Nice welcome. River for fishing nearby.
avis camping beau rivage

A campsite as we like them, on a human scale, nicely planted with trees, very well maintained with a very friendly welcome, a nice swimming pool, all in a quiet setting on the banks of a river, the Gave.
A stone’s throw from the historic centre of Navarrenx and its pretty shops.
We will return with pleasure.
Thank you again for everything.
Fanny and Olivier

avis camping beau rivage

Camping found by chance on the road. SUPER warm welcome. The perfect spot under the shade of a mulberry tree, less than 10 minutes from Navarrenx and the river on foot. Sanitary facilities very clean, equipped with paper and gel.we highly recommend a stop at the beautiful shore !!!!!

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